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A fun online workshop for couples to bring your intimacy to the next level! Turn "conventional sex" into "mindful, deep intimacy" that will never feel routine.


This is a 90 min interactive couples online workshop hosted by Mindful Intimacy Coach and TEDx speaker, Viv Kan.


This workshop is for you if you WANT to:

  • Create deep, meaningful intimacy with your partner
  • Light-up the sexual spark in your relationship
  • Feel ultimate pleasure and connection during lovemaking
  • Experience orgasmic sensations never felt before
  • Turn on your partner (and yourself!)
  • Openly and comfortably share your deepest desires


This workshop will teach you:

  • How to transform normal sex to sacred sex for the rest of your life

  • Yoni anatomy and discover her most pleasurable regions

  • How to achieve the 7 different female orgasms

  • Feminine vs. masculine orgasms and how to achieve both

  • How to mindfully move your energy to the Yoni or Lingam

  • Yoni & Lingam massage techniques

  • Sexual breathwork practices from Tantric traditions

  • Couples intimacy rituals to unleash your deepest sexual states

  • How to balance busy schedules and sexy intimacy rituals


Ready to deepen your intimacy? Get instant access now.


Prices are in HKD.

Couples Intimate Yoni Online Training

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