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Intimate Couples Yoni Workshop

Online Couples Workshop


A fun online workshop for couples to bring your intimacy to the next level! Explore the Yoni and turn "conventional sex" into "deep, intimate experiences" that you'll crave.

This workshop is for you & your partner if you want to...

Create deep, meaningful intimacy with your partner

Feel ultimate pleasure and connection during lovemaking

Turn on your partner (and yourself!)

Light-up the sexual fire in your relationship

Experience orgasmic sensations never felt before

Openly and comfortably share your deepest desires

This workshop will teach you


  • How to transform normal sex to sacred sex for the rest of your life

  • Yoni anatomy and discover her most pleasurable regions

  • How to achieve the 7 different female orgasms

  • Feminine vs. masculine orgasms and how to achieve both

  • How to mindfully move your energy to the Yoni or Lingam

  • Yoni & Lingam massage techniques

  • Sexual breathwork practices from Tantric traditions

  • Couples intimacy rituals to unleash your deepest sexual states

  • How to balance busy schedules and sexy intimacy rituals



Discover the sexual pleasure and power of the Yoni to help both parties feel the most alive.


Understand your sensual bodies while igniting and exchanging sexual energy with your partner


Learn the power of sexual breathwork to connect deeper with your partner in intimacy


Sexy intimacy rituals that don't take up time and will take your lovemaking to the next level.


Workshop Pillars

Image by Nadine Rupprecht


90 min Online Workshop Includes

Engaging and interactive couples coaching call

Training includes a mix of theory and fun guided exercises to cultivate deeper sexual intimacy.

Follow-along video and audio recordings to access anytime

Practical ways to incorporate playful intimacy seamlessly into your routine, no matter how busy you both are.

Sexy intimacy rituals guides

Experience the potency of intimacy rituals with my step-by-step guides to take your lovemaking to the next level.


Couples who attend will get 10% off Yoni Massage Workshops (online or in-person) - my most popular training!

Training includes

This one-time investment will transform your sex life for the rest of your life.

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