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Mindful Feminine
Orgasms Workshop

2 Day Online Workshop for Women

Give yourself the gift of reclaiming your sexual desire and tap into your deepest orgasms in a mindful, feminine way.


This workshop is for you if you want to...

Experience full body, deep, feminine orgasms

Heighten your pleasure and Yoni's sensations

Be free to express your inner sexual goddess

Stop faking orgasms and fully satisfy your needs first

Have more sexual desire and higher libido

Elevate your intimacy with yourself or with your partners

This training will teach you


  • 7 different types of female orgasms and how to access them

  • Knowledge about your sacred Yoni and the sensitive regions

  • How to reach ecstasy in a softer, feminine way

  • Awaken your erogenous zones throughout the body

  • How to prevent pain or soreness and communicate it effectively

  • Methods to feel more pleasure during lovemaking

  • Techniques to unleash the feminine goddess inside you

  • How to fully enjoy intimacy and unlock your sexual energy

  • Intimacy rituals to unleash your deepest sexual states



Train the mind to stay present during intimacy. Let go of over-thinking and cultivate desire.


Feel fully comfortable connecting your body and experience deeper orgasms.


Train the mind to stay present during intimacy. Let go of over-thinking and cultivate desire.


Become in-tune with your Yoni. Discover new sensations of pleasure without the discomfort.


Training Pillars



2-Day Online Training Includes

Two group coaching calls 60 min each

Training includes a mix of theory and guided exercises and rituals to reach orgasmic states.

Follow-along video and audio recordings to access anytime

Practical ways to incorporate intimacy seamlessly into your routine. These evidence-based methods activate your nervous system and tap into your pleasure centres, effortlessly

A check-in on Day 2 after completing your orgasmic practices

Reach out to me directly with any questions after you practice the methods on Day 1 and receive 1:1 feedback. Feel the immediate benefits of the feminine practices! Benefits of a 2 day course!

Be a part of a safe, open, community of women

Join a private group of supportive women who normalizes intimacy and pleasure. Get the support you need and know you're not facing this transformation alone. ​

Training includes

This one-time investment will transform your orgasms for the rest of your life.

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