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Female Arousal Masterclass

Online Masterclass for Men

This masterclass is a 3 hour live manual to teach you the key methods and techniques to turn her on the way SHE wants you to.


This workshop is for you if you want to...

Help her feel full body, deep, feminine orgasms

Keep the sexual passion alive in even after years

Deeply connect with your partners on another level

Be an unforgettable lover and satisfy her needs and desires

Learn fundamental pleasuring skills in a fun and engaging way

Be the masculine that helps her surrender into her feminine

This training will teach you


  • Fundamentals of female sexual anatomy

  • 5 step method of female arousal

  • 7 types of female orgasms and techniques to stimulate the erogenous zones

  • How to work with her boundaries

  • What women really want during foreplay

  • Mindful communication tips to enhance arousal

  • Intimacy rituals that you will both love

  • Curves of female pleasure

  • Key ways to help her relax into pleasure


The Warm-Up

Learn the the fundamentals of foreplay that SHE likes, female sexual anatomy and mindful communication tips that will help build an intense level of sexual chemisty.

The Climaxes

Heighten her libido and learn the techniques to stimulate the 7 different types female of orgasms.

The Aftercare

Sustain strong sexual desires afterwards with intimacy rituals that both of you will enjoy.


PLUS: Mini bonus on Tantric Massage techniques.


Training Pillars



Online Training Includes

3 hour group coaching call

Training includes a mix of theory and guided exercises to stimulate female arousal.

Follow-along video recording to access anytime

Practical ways to incorporate arousal tools and techniques into your life. These methods draw from years of working with countless women clients and couples who have elevated their intimate experiences to deeper levels.

A check-in after completing the Masterclass exercises

Contact me with your questions and I'll give you direct feedback after you practice the methods. 

Two free, live one-one 15-minute coaching sessions

Receive two free, live 15 minute coaching sessions via Zoom to help you through any obstacles and real-life scenarios with practical skills you can apply.

Training includes

This one-time investment will help you become a better lover for the rest of your life.

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