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Mindful Intimacy Masterclass

4-Week Online Training


Tap into the power of your feminine sexuality that transcends beyond the bedroom. Unlock your intimacy archetype to feel confident and connected to yourself as a sexually-awakened woman. Stay tuned on the next training's launch dates!

If you are Feeling...

  • Too much in your head

  • Unable to fully relax in intimacy

  • Disconnected with your feminine side from fighting fires all day

  • A tendency to hide your sexuality

  • Often just doing it for him

  • Pressure to perform

  • Pain during or after sex 

  • Worried you're taking too long

  • Unsure how to communicate what you like to your partner without killing the mood


And you want to

  • And you want to...

  • Get out of your head and into your feminine body

  • Feel more confident in your own skin and beyond the bedroom

  • Know how to self-pleasure and what turns you on

  • Connect to your feminine sexuality and pleasure on a deeper level 

  • Feel orgasmic and empowered as a sexually-awakened woman

This training will give you...

  • Tools to transform your intimacy for the rest of your life

  • Knowledge about your sacred Yoni and the sensitive regions

  • Methods to stay present during intimacy to feel more pleasure

  • Techniques to unleash the feminine goddess inside you

  • Ways to tap into your intimate archetype and translate it into your work and life

  • Steps to guide your partner to please you the way you want


Workshop Pillars


Train the mind to stay present during intimacy. Let go of over-thinking and cultivate desire.


Feel fully comfortable connecting your body and experience deeper orgasms


Use the breath in ways that activate your nervous system to relax and feel ultimate pleasure.


Become in-tune with your Yoni. Discover new sensations of pleasure without the discomfort.



4-Week Training Includes

Four, live Feminine Intimacy Coaching calls - 60-75 min each

To give you full support and help you reconnect with your feminine power by unlocking your intimacy archetype in a mindful and methodical way.

Weekly coaching guides with evidence-based exercises

Practical ways to incorporate intimacy seamlessly into your routine. We'll be using evidence-based methods activate your nervous system and tap into your feminine energy, naturally.

Guided recordings and videos 

Using mindfulness techniques and feminine practices, you get to tune into these videos anytime you need, with tools to transform intimacy for the rest of your life - beyond the bedroom.

Intimacy rituals and scripts

Prioritize your pleasure and bring you closer to your intimate relationships with yourself or with your partner. Effectively communicate what you want without tip-toeing around the ego.

Be a part of a safe, open, community of women

Join a group of supportive women who normalizes intimacy and pleasure. Get the support you need and know you're not facing this transformation alone

Early bird ends TBC.

Stay tuned on the next launch dates!

Live calls every Wednesday 8:30pm HKT

Calls will be recorded if you cannot attend the live trainings

Sign-up now before prices go up on.

Training includes

This one-time investment will transform your intimacy for the rest of your life.

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